Welcome to my online training: SpeedReading to help with the quantities of reading that meetings often demand and SpeedWriting to help take meeting notes, whether as the minute-taker or for personal reference.

There’s also your free gift – Dots & Squiggles: nine short lessons to help you understand and use every punctuation mark correctly! Scroll down to access your training.


SpeedReading Online

Are you drowning under the weight of paperwork?  Do you struggle to keep up with the quantity of papers that each meeting generates?  Do you read the papers in the meeting, playing catch-up rather than keep-up?   Improving your reading speed will save you time and improve your comprehension.

Sample lesson, introduction

SpeedReading will help you read fast and with good understanding so you can have useful discussions and make good decisions.  Accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

SpeedReading comprises a series of techniques which can be used individually or combined for maximum effectiveness.  The programme will show you how to:


preview a document to give focus and ascertain purpose;

remove common brakes to fast reading;

read faster without losing comprehension through a series of different techniques with practice to embed and build speed;

broaden your peripheral vision and use it to read chunks of text in one fix;

scan a document to find relevant information;

skim for a general assessment of the content.

SpeedWriting Online

The days of, “Dear sir, thank you for your letter of…” may have long gone, taking shorthand with them, but the need to write fast in a variety of situations remains.  Whether it’s minuting a meeting, taking a telephone message, noting instructions or note-taking in an interview, the ability to write quickly in a form that can easily be read back is invaluable.

Sample lesson, introduction

Modern day speedwriting uses only the letters of the alphabet; it is intuitive, flexible and easy to learn.  With the techniques covered in bite-size sessions and incorporated into daily life, it becomes second nature when writing under pressure. 

This training gives verbal guidance from an experienced trainer, supported by highly-professional animated examples and exercises.  We’ve been running one-day courses in organisations for many years and bring that experience to this programme.  Accredited by the CPD Standards Office.

Welcome to Dots & Squiggles – punctuation explained.

Each of the links below will take you to a short video which explains the rules and guidelines for using each mark.  There are examples throughout: keep your hand on the mouse and pause the video on these to look at how the punctuation is being used, maybe write a sentence of two using the mark correctly.

Joanna provides face-to-face and live, online courses to support effective meetings (minute-taking, chairing and report-writing), working across the UK in the NHS, local government and the private sector.